Product Information

Woven Fabric

What is Majestic Wall Art's self-adhesive woven fabric?

Our self-adhesive woven fabric is a thin media that has the look and feel like canvas. It does NOT contain any vinyl and doesn't require any additional tools or adhesives.
The backing is made of a low-take adhesive that will not damage your walls and allows you to remove your mural and re-use it over and over again.

How long will my wall mural stay up?

It depends on how clean the surface is and what type of surface you are apply it to. The cleaner, flatter and smoother the wall is, the longer it will last.

Can I use my wall murals outdoors?

Our innovative woven fabric can be used indoors and outdoors. Our murals can handle dramatic temperature changes even below freezing. However, extensive exposure to direct sunlight and bad weather can and usually will weaken the adhesives. Our ink is guaranteed to last 3 years in direct sunlight, so you don't have to worry about your images fading.

The longevity of your wall mural will depend on the surfaces you are applying it to. It is strongly recommend placing it on a clean, flat surface and use a lamination protectant spray for additional protection and moisture resistance.

Can I use my mural on different surfaces?

Absolutely, You can use our innovative woven fabric on all types of doors, ceilings, vehicles, poles, window, furniture, home appliances, tiles, mirrors and more. it can easily be placed on almost any flat surface. It should not cause any damage when removed, but if for some reason it does, please note that Majestic Wall Art is not responsible.

Can I put my mural over existing wallpaper?

Yes; however, we do not recommend it. If you do the adhesive will not last nearly as long as if your mural was adhered to a painted wall.

Can I clean my wall mural?

Yes. Gently wipe your wall mural with a DRY cloth. NOTE: Excessive scrubbing or harsh materials may damage the printed surface. Do not use water on your fabric murals. We STRONGLY recommend laminating your fabric wall murals with a protectant spray in order to protect the ink from moisture and fading! Majestic Wall Art is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your wall mural due to cleaning.

How do I apply my wall mural?

Basically, just peel and stick! Read the instructions…Majestic Wall Art murals are extremely easy to apply but reading the instructions will save you time and potential errors. Also, check out our How To Install page for further details.

Do you send Installation Instructions?

Along with every order (Regular or Custom), you will receive a detailed Installation Instructions sheet. You can also find the installation instructions on our How To Install page.

My wall is not a flat surface. Can I still use my wall mural on it?

It depends on the texture of your wall. Flat and smooth surfaces are best. If your wall is really rough or bumpy, your mural may not adhere properly. Keep in mind that our woven fabric has the look and feel of a thin canvas. Therefore, the texture and/or bumps will most likely appear underneath it.

I recently painted my walls, how long should I wait before applying my mural?

Do NOT apply it right away! If you apply your wall mural before the paint is fully dry, it will either have trouble adhering to the wall or the adhesive will dry to the paint. When removed, paint may come off with your mural. A completely dry wall may take longer than you think. It is best to follow your paint manufacturer's instructions. They should provide an amount of time for curing the paint before applying something to its surface.

Can I use my wall mural in a bathroom or other high-moisture area?

Absolutely! Our wall murals are humidity-proof but the walls need to be completely dry in your bathroom before applying. Note: We STRONGLY recommend laminating your wall mural with a protectant spray in order to protect the ink from moisture and fading. Do NOT install in the shower. Direct water flow will cause your mural to peel off over time and the ink to fade.

Are your wall murals easy to remove? If so, how?

Removal is extremely easy! Peel up the edge of the panels installed with your fingernail and slowly peel the wall mural off the wall.

Will your murals leave a sticky residue when removed?

No. Our wall murals will not leave a sticky residue on your wall when removed.

Will your wall murals take off the paint or damage my walls when removed?

No, it won't. However, since we cannot guarantee the condition of all wall surfaces, some paint flecking may occur. You may notice paint flecks on the back of your wall mural when removed. Majestic Wall Art is not responsible for any damage or paint touch-up that may be required.

How do I save my wall mural for later use once I've removed it from my wall?

Keep the adhesive side free of dust, hair, paint flecks and other debris. Then, return your used mural to the original backing for storage. For best results, reuse it immediately. The longer the storage or moving time, the shorter your mural's life. We cannot guarantee the results of re-use, especially if your storage or moving time is extended.

Vinyl Wall Decals

Can I wash the wall decal once it has been applied?

Yes. We recommend that you use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with cool water to clean your wall decal. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol, abrasives, citrus additives, or ammonia. When a wall decal is applied on a window or mirror, take special care to avoid glass cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.

Will my wall decal crack, peel, fade, or warp?

When a wall decal has been applied as directed and is protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather, you should not have issues with cracking, peeling, fading, or warping.

What temperatures is the wall decal able to withstand?

Once installed, our wall decal will withstand a temperature range between -20°F and +150°F

How long will the wall decal last after it has been applied to a surface?

Majestic Wall Arts decals are not intended for permanent application; however, they can last for months or years depending on the surface and environment. Wall Decals applied indoors can last significantly longer than wall decals applied outdoors where they are exposed to weather. For a permanent solution try our "Paint by Decals".

How do I remove a wall decal?

When you are ready to remove a wall decal, warm it slightly with a blow dryer on the low heat setting.

NOTE: Use care to avoid overheating the wall decal (this will warp or disfigure the wall decal) and/or wall to avoid damage.

Hold the blow dryer approximately eight inches away from the wall decal, taking care not to overheat your paint. Gently lift a corner of each letter or design with a fingernail and pull down slowly.

When wall decals are removed, does residue remain on the wall? If so, how do I remove it?

Typically, our wall decals do not leave a sticky residue; however, several factors can affect this, including the length of time the wall decal has been displayed on a surface. If some residue remains upon removal of a wall decal, try using isopropyl alcohol or other residue removers to remove it. As always, follow the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid damage to your surface.

What is sun fade and what causes it?

Sun fade, also known as shading or ghosting, can occur when exposure to sunlight causes a surface to fade or darken. For example, framed art can prevent the wall treatment behind it from fading at the same rate as the rest of the wall because sunlight never reaches it. When the art is moved to a new position on the wall, a darker spot remains. The same thing can happen with a wall decal depending on its placement, the amount of light it receives, and the surface to which it is applied.

Sun fading can happen to almost any surface regardless of the treatment applied (paint, fabric, stain, lacquer, and so on), but it is most common with oil-based paint. Sun fade is not caused by the material used in the manufacture of the vinyl.

How long can I store my wall decals? Do they ever expire or "go bad"?

Although wall decals can be stored for up to six months depending on storage conditions. We strongly recommend that you apply your wall decals quickly (within 24-72 hours of receipt) for the best results. Once wall decals have been applied, they can last for several months or even years, depending on the environment where they are applied.

What types of surfaces can the wall decals be applied to?

Our products are PVC free; however, the adhesive used on contains natural rubber (latex). If you have an allergy to latex, use caution when applying to the walls.

Can wall decals be installed on wallpaper?

Yes. Our Wall Decals can be applied to certain types of wallpaper; however, wallpaper can vary widely in texture and quality. Also, some wall decals may not release from certain wallpapers without causing damage. Please contact us for a sample to test your surface before placing an order.

Will your wall decals adhere to all paints?

Our wall decals install easily on the most common types of home interior paints, such as latex- and oil-based. They will also work on other paints, although some highly textured paints or paints with additives can make application extremely difficult.
Examples of paints that fall into this category are faux, magnetic, sand, and suede paints. Before ordering, please request a sample and test in an inconspicuous area to see whether a wall decal will work with your paint.

Can I apply a wall decal to a newly painted wall?

Freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks before you apply your wall decals.

Will the wall decals damage my wall?

When walls have been prepared as recommended and properly maintained after application of the wall decal, most people have no wall damage when wall decals are removed. Please be aware that, as with any decorative medium, there is potential for wall damage.

Can decals be used outdoors?

Our products are PVC free; however, the adhesive used on contains natural rubber (latex). If you have an allergy to latex, use caution when applying to the walls.

General Information

What is Majestic Wall Art?

Majestic Wall Art offers innovative ways to transform any room, dorm room or office.  We offer small to large scale, self-adhesive wall murals, cut vinyl, and printed canvas.
You can choose from thousands of images, designs and patterns from our library, or create your own art by using your very own picture. With in minutes, you can transform your living space, dorm room, recreation room or office.

All our products are simple to install and take less time than painting. They are also removable so that when you are ready to change your room, all you do is have to peel them off the wall!

Are the colors on the website exact color matches to the product I'll receive?

We have made an effort to accurately represent the products colors on our website.  However, due to the nature of printed and cut materials and computer monitors, the actual color may vary slightly.  You can request a sample for more accurate color matches here.

Is there an allergy risk with your product?

Our products are PVC free; however, the adhesive used on contains natural rubber (latex). If you have an allergy to latex, use caution when applying to the walls.

How do I contact Majestic Wall Art?

You can contact Majestic Wall Art by email at shop (at) majesticwallart (.) com or through this link.  Call us toll free at 1.877.851.3287 or 1.778.478.9553 for our local customers.  You may also fax us at 778.478.9554.

Does Majestic Wall Art have store locations or sell products in stores?

Majestic Wall Art is a internet-based company with no commercial store location, nor do we sell our products in any stores.

What is the difference between a Cut Decal and Printed Decal?

A Cut Decal is a design cut out from one of our 80+ colors which you can view from our color chart. If you purchase a multiple-color cut decal, you will receive each color in separate sheets.

A Printed Decal is when a full color design is printed directly onto our woven fabric or vinyl. It can then be cut out or trimmed to size, depending on your specific graphics. This option is best for full color designs or illustrations with many colors as they can be printed all at once on our white material.

Payment Information

Methods of Payment that are accepted?

We use an encrypted and secure payment gateway through PayPal, for all our transactions. Accepted forms of payment include Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) as will as PayPal.


If my wall are too textures, what other options do I have for displaying my wall art?

If you have heavily-textured walls, you can choose from many options to display your wall decal. For example, you can install a wall decal on a flat, smooth surface that you can hang on your wall such as a board, glass, or a mirror. You can also display wall decals on tiles, metal, and blocks, among other surfaces.

I installed my wall mural/decal but it is starting to peel off. What do I do?

If part of a wall decal starts to come off a surface, use washable glue, such as a glue stick or wallpaper paste or glue, to reattach it. 3M also makes a removable poster tape, and scrap booking tape, which also works really well, and won't damage your walls.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and test the adhesive in an inconspicuous place before applying it to your wall decal. You can request a sample of our materials here.

I can't get my wall mural/decal to transfer to my surface; what do you suggest?

  • If a surface is heavily textured, some wall decals may not adhere to it as well as other surfaces. If this is the case, you may want to apply the wall decal to another surface that has less texture, such as one of your accessories or furniture. If the surface is lightly to moderately textured and it seems like the wall decal should be able to adhere to it, try using a blow-dryer on the low heat setting.

  • Squeegee the wall decal onto the surface. Then, using a sponge, dampen the top of the transfer tape before you peel it away. This will help the wall decal release from the tape.

  • As you remove the transfer tape, try firmly pressing the wall decal on the wall with your thumb or a dry rag.

  • Avoid applying wall decals when the climate is very humid, this will make it very difficult to release from the transfer tape.

  • Make sure the surface and wall decal is at room temperature. If a surface is too cold, gradually heat it to room temperature with a blow dryer on the low setting.

    NOTE: Use care to avoid overheating the wall decal (this will warp or disfigure the wall decal) and/or wall to avoid damage.

    For example, to apply a wall decal on your front door when the outside temperature is below freezing, use a blow dryer to warm the exterior surface of the door to room temperature before you apply the wall decal. Then, once the wall decal has been applied, continue to warm the surface for awhile to allow the adhesive time to bond to the surface.

    Tip: Depending on the temperature outside, sometimes the finished surface on the inside of an exterior wall can be colder than room temperature.

  • Make sure there is no residue on a wall surface such as grease, smoke, dust, or soot. Even cigarette smoke can cause a buildup on surfaces.

    If you cleaned your wall, make sure there is no leftover residue and that the wall is completely dry. Often, a wall surface feels dry to the touch but moisture has been absorbed into the wall material beneath. This moisture is released to the surface as the wall continues to dry, breaking the adhesive bond and pushing the wall decal off the surface.

We hope these FAQ have helped you.  If you have a question that hasn't been answered please email at shop (at) majesticwallart (.) com or through this link and we will be more then happy to answer them for you.