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Food & Drink

Excite your taste buds with our Food & Drink Wall Mural collection, it includes vibrant and colorful designs to spice up your kitchen walls, café or bistro using fresh fruits, spices, cupcakes and cookies, wine bottles, vineyards, and much more. Indulge in a bit of sweet nostalgia as you satisfy your sweet tooth with our Sugary Colorful Spiral Candy Wall Mural, perhaps quench your thirst with Two Bottles Wall Mural or just sit back pour a glass of Red Wine Wall Mural and unwind, the choice is yours. After a stressful day that is not going your way our tempting and mouth watering collection will make your taste buds ready for action. So pick up your straw or grab a spoon and delve into the tall glass packed with all your favorite things and get ready to sample the delights of our Food & Drink Wall Murals.

Each mural is print on a innovative self-adhesive woven fabric. If you are looking for an easy, mess free and hassle free solution to transform the look of your wall and décor of any room, then you have come to the right place. Our wall murals are designed like wall paper but with the ease of a sticker. Not to mention that they can be easily removed if you want to change things up. As well, we offer a wide range of customization options, which is a fun way to personalize your wall murals just the way you want it.

Each mural is packaged for the utmost protection, first in a moisture tight sealed bag and them a high strength crush resistant tube. Plus, we offer FREE Shipping on every order over $75 across Canada and continental United States!

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